NRQL: who is dropping off in a funnel()

Hi All,

I have a funnel on a dashboard to monitor our registration flow, this is using a mix of screensViews and buttonClicks.

FROM MobileBreadcrumb SELECT funnel(sessionId,
where screenName = ‘app.verify number’ AS ‘Start Registration’,
where screenName = ‘app.create password’ AS ‘Create Password’,
where buttonName = ‘app.create password.create’ AS ‘Create Password Button’,
where screenName = ‘app.verify email email’ AS ‘Email Verify Page’,
where buttonName = ‘app.verify email.enter email’ AS ‘Send Email Button’,
where screenName = ‘app.sent email popup’ AS ‘email sent’)
SINCE 1 week ago

This is showing quite a big drop off at a very unexpected point ( Just after where buttonName = ‘app.create password.create’ AS ‘Create Password Button’, ) in our flow which is a good thing to spot and one I want to dig into.

But I now need to get some information about who those people are?



Hi @kthompson

Are you sending any identifiable information as custom attributes? by default there is not much that can be used to identify specific users, but if you are sending that as a custom attribute you could then query on something like:

SELECT count(sessionId) FROM MobileBreadcrumb WHERE buttonName = 'app.create password.create' AS 'Create Password Button' AND screenName != 'app.verify email email' AS 'Email Verify Page' FACET customUserId