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NrqlQuery.query does not call the api after refresh interval


Hi I am new to New Relic, My question is as follows

  1. i have defined a method and inside which i am calling NrqlQuery.query({query: “…”, accountId: “…”})
  2. The above defined method i am calling every 2 min using setInterval (javascript/ES6)
  3. the method is getting called, but the NrqlQuery.query method is not getting called since i dont see any request going the network tab of debugger in browser, probably i guess it if fetching from cache but not sure.

My query is given below
SELECT ... FROM ... FACET ... where appName like '%.${graph}' TIMESERIES 2 MINUTES SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO;

the above query should refresh every 2 min. Kindly request help here.


Hey @skg

I’ve spoken to some people internally and we have matched this behaviour.

The workaround for now is, rather than using nrqlQuery.query, using NerdGraphQuery.FETCH_POLICY_TYPE.NO_CACHE

Ensuring the nerdgraph query is set to NO_CACHE, you should get the calls continuing after your refresh interval. See docs on this:


Hi Ryan, I am facing the same issue as skg. However, to use NerdGraphQuery, I have to convert my query to graphql right? is there a way to get around that without using graphql?


I’m not sure of any other workarounds at this moment in time. Note however that there is a tutorial on using NRQL in GraphQL here:


Thank you that was very helpful :slight_smile:


Great! Glad you found it helpful :smiley: