NServiceBus message handler errors not showing in error rate graph


We are a company paying for NewRelic and I’m having a hard time getting in contact with NR because the support site is unavailable. I tried finding other areas to contact NR and wasn’t able to find any.

We use NoticeError in a NServiceBus RecoverabilityPolicy after all attempts to process a message have failed. Unfortunately, by the time NoticeError is called, it seems that the NR transaction has ended and therefore the NoticeError call doesn’t contribute to our error rate graph. The reason we chose to do it the way we did is because if we let NoticeError get called for each attempt of processing a message then we would have artificially high error rates since NServiceBus will retry processing the same message multiple times when it fails (i.e. a single message failing could lead to 3 NoticeError calls). My question to NR is how should we log errors in NServiceBus message handlers without artificially inflating the error rate graph?

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