Observability data right in your IDE: Announcing the New Relic CodeStream integration!

Today we announced the preview of New Relic CodeStream. With this latest innovation, you can instrument your applications, collaborate with teams, and debug production issues faster and more simply—without ever having to leave your IDE.

Until now, observability was coupled tightly to the operations function and constrained in stand-alone UIs designed for operations engineers. This makes it difficult for developers focused on writing code and delivering innovation to apply critical observations gained from production code early in their software’s development. But with our acquisition and integration of CodeStream, we took an important step to materialize our vision for observability: a world where data drives all stages of software development. Let us show you how, watch this quick video (I promise it’s snappy and interesting.)

Codestream is currently available for JetBrains, VScode, and Visual Studio - with more IDEs coming soon. You can try it free right here.

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Can’t seem to figure out the pricing on this. Try it free is cool but is is a trial? for 7 days? 30? 90? if not a trial how does the pricing work with New Relic One? is it included? do “basic users” get access or only “full users”?


Hi, @garypinkham: https://newrelic.com/blog/nerdlog/codestream-ide-integration

New Relic CodeStream is available today for all New Relic customers as part of a preview period from October 21, 2021, through January 12, 2022. After the preview period, some advanced New Relic CodeStream features will require a paid user license once the free tier limits are reached.

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thanks Phil. Do you have a definition of what “some” will be? just trying to decide if I should even give it a try. Not having a clue about the potential cost means I won’t even consider trying it. Just too hard to figure out what one might get. Basically can I live with some basic users and some full users or will this thing just be too difficult to use in that setting.

I do not know which CodeStream features will require a paid license, but I do know that New Relic announced a new Core user license, which will start at $49 a month and offer access to CodeStream’s paid features.

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I can clarify! CodeStream itself is a free product. There are currently no plans for us to charge for it - so all the code collaboration tools are part of Codestream itself.

The New Relic CodeStream integration - which is the part that allows you to look at your production errors right in your IDE - is the thing that will require the paid New Relic seat starting in 2022.

You can mix users of free CodeStream and the New Relic version within a team, but the free users won’t have access to the data from New Relic within their IDE.

Does that help clarify a bit? If you have questions about whether specific features are free or paid after you try CodeStream I can definitely get answers, and I can also put you in touch with a sales rep for a custom quote for your situation if needed.


Thanks. That does makes sense. Do you know when the bitbucket PR review will be launched? I’m giving a tech talk to the eng organization here and was thinking of including codestream in my presentation. But need bitbucket support before I recommend it to the org.

Unfortunately BitBucket integration is going to be a pretty big lift for the Codestream team so at this point I don’t have an exact date. It’s definitely a priority on our roadmap though and I’ve let them know of your interest, Gary.

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