Observability For Good

Morning all,

I just wanted to reach out, I saw that you have these systems setup to help organizations, and I know sometimes the NewRelic staff can provide limited support to them as well, but is there any opportunity for people in the community to be linked to some of these organizations?

It would be good to utilize the tool from a different business perspective for my own personal growth and maybe help some people who are doing good work in the world. I am sure there is a ton of confidentiality stuff that makes the easy answer to this no, but if there is an opportunity here, I would be interested in discussing it.

I have my morning gig like everyone else, so maybe something abroad where evening hours would match up better for communication? PMs are welcome if you are one of the people using this service and might need a hand. I don’t know it all, far from it, but I can probably get you through a lot of it, and if what you are working on is beyond my scope, I’ll tell you.

Anyhow, all the best in whatever your mission may be!



@Tim.Walter Thank you for reaching about about our Observability for good program :star_struck: I know that our newrelic.org team would love to talk to you further about your questions and ideas around connecting with other organizations. You can reach them directly through AskNewRelicOrg@newrelic.com.

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