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October Coffee Chat: FutureHack Nerdpacks!



October Coffee Chat :coffee:

It’s time! Another #coffee-chat is just around the corner! This time we will be chatting with our own Daniel Golden :sparkles: @dgolden about all things Nerdpack related now that our FutureHack contest is underway. Daniel is the expert in the front end, ui components, and design of New Relic One’s programmable UI. If you are stuck, have ideas you wanna talk through, or are generally interested in picking Daniel’s brain, please join in!

What can you expect from a Coffee Chat ? It’s an entire hour dedicated to learning from New Relic experts! We move a conversation topic to slack and you can pepper our willing expert with questions in real time. I then take that conversation and publish it here, in the community! (Check out this one , and this one !)

Coffee Chat with Daniel - New Relic Nerdpacks

  • Topic: New Relic One Coffee Chat
  • Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Time: 11 AM Pacific Time
  • Location Coffee Chat Slack Instance (#coffee-chat)

How to join the Coffee Chat Slack Channel

To get invited to our New Relic Users Slack workspace follow the instructions below:

  1. Head over to the sign up page:
  2. Enter in your email address. Pretty soon you’ll receive an invite in your email inbox from Slack to join the New Relic Users workspace.
  3. Once you’re in the correct workspace, either through your browser or the Slack app you can navigate to the #coffee-chat channel . You’re welcome to also come to #introduce-yourself to tell us a bit about you, and what your New Relic specialty subjects are . At the time the Coffee Chat is due to begin, come on into the #coffee-chat channel to ask your questions.

Note that this workspace isn’t always monitored outside of scheduled Coffee Chats. If you do have questions outside of the timeframe of the scheduled coffee chats, please post that question on the Explorers Hub.

See you on the 9th for some nerd-ing out on Nerdpacks. :nerd_face:


:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Linds [10:55 AM]
Hi everyone! We have @Daniel Golden here today which is so exciting!

Daniel Golden [11:00 AM]
hey y’all

hross [11:01 AM]


Linds [11:01 AM]
Daniel, how many Nerdpacks have you built at this point? Dozens?

Daniel Golden [11:02 AM]
My team has built probably ~8 or so. I work as a part of a team that builds them.

I handle the front-end part of it and then shift it over to someone who’s specialty lies elsewhere

So if my team has built 8, do I get to take credit for ~4? haha

Linds [11:03 AM]
Awesome—can you tell us about a new Nerdpack you are working on now?

Daniel Golden [11:04 AM]
Yeah, for sure. Right now we’re working on a Nerdpack that uses a UI similar to the Container Explorer (which is one of the open source Nerdpacks we released at FutureStack).

Screenshot incoming…

Drew Tittle [11:06 AM]
Q for Daniel: My team really likes the cost optimization nerdpack. We were hoping to see more AWS services added in addition to EC2. Any chance we’ll see an update to that pack to add ECS/EKS/CloudWatch/S3 and other services in the future?

Daniel Golden [11:08 AM]
Hey, Drew. That is one of the most popular and exciting Nerdpacks we have built (not my team, but a super smart colleague of ours in Sydney). I think the best way to see those additions happen would be posting an issue on Github in that repo.

Drew Tittle [11:08 AM]
thanks! I’ll be sure to post that there

Daniel Golden [11:09 AM]
I haven’t heard whether or not we have plans to make those additions specifically, but since these are open source projects, you can request it or, heck you can submit a PR for the changes if you’re feeling up to it

Drew Tittle [11:09 AM]
sounds good! If I get the gumption up maybe I’ll give it a whirl

Daniel Golden [11:10 AM]
Just in case you have trouble finding the link to the repo:



@Drew Tittle Are you working on customizing that Nerdpack in any way? If so, I’d be super interested to hear in what ways. It’s always exciting for us to see how these Nerdpacks are used in the real world.

Daniel Golden [11:16 AM]
I think the most helpful part of building software out in the open for us has been that, now, instead of only being able to rely on our own ideas and expertise, anyone who uses New Relic and wants to see changes to these Nerdpacks can just submit a PR and I mean, if it works and fits, we’ll merge it in. Ya’ll know your pain points and most wanted features to these better than I/we do and I love the fact that now you can just go build them if you want.

Of course if you’re not quite comfortable with submitting a PR for them, you can just submit an issue in the respective repo and boom. We’ll see it. In fact my team has a weekly meeting where go over updates (issues, PRs, etc.) in any of the public repos. So, you can know for sure, if you submit something, see it, get back to you, and we’ll probably talk about it in that meeting.

DavidB [11:19 AM]
@Daniel Golden, hi, taking some inspiration from another product which shall remain nameless, and the customer journey nerdpack example, I’m think of something that takes the System Health dashboard idea and creates a ‘glass table’ of the user journey and show various metrics at each stage. Given the sdk grid, griditem components, do think such a design is feasible ? Would grid be the right tool to layout a page ?

Daniel Golden] [11:21 AM]
Hey, David. By system health dashboard idea do you mean the a UI like that of the customer journey Nerdpack?

DavidB [11:23 AM]
like the old style NR system health map showing interconnected stages across the page, but like the customer journey nerdpack data.

so I could have on the left of the page,the different entry points to the system, mobile, desktop etc and the web servers, the app servers, the backend and database servers all sown across the page, and then be able to show (ideally selectively) requests at each stage, other compatible metrics.

Daniel Golden [11:26 AM]
Ahh ok. Great question. Yeah, I think that a combination of <Grid /> , <GridItem /> , <Stack /> , and <StackItem /> s would be the best way to accomplish that.

It’s definitely feasible, just a matter of how you want to go about it.

DavidB [11:27 AM]
Cool, need to do some reading up on React I think.

Daniel Golden [11:27 AM]
If you’re familiar with the css grids, and flexbox then you’ll probably feel at home with the Grid and Stack sdk components. They’re just abstractions on that so that you don’t need to with CSS as much as your building your application.

DavidB [11:29 AM]
Just found my original inspiration.

Linds [11:30 AM]
not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that

DavidB [11:30 AM]

Daniel Golden [11:31 AM]
From a ui perspective, I think you won’t have much trouble raising the bar haha

DavidB [11:32 AM]
no horsing around.

DavidB [11:35 AM]
Not wishing to hog the chat, but another Q if I may. Did I see something about getting data from external/cloud databases ? I was sure I read something about that but can’t find it now. Did I imagine it ?

1 reply

Daniel Golden [11:37 AM]
Great question, and I think the answer is “no”, but it’s not my specialty. I think the data that we have access to in 3rd party applications is what you already have in New Relic.

That said, I could be wrong about that. The only example that I can think of of a Nerdpack using outside data would be the Status Pages Nerdpack:


Where the original author of the Nerdpack used an external API ( to get the status of a given service (e.g. is InVision up or down)

DavidB [11:40 AM]
yes, I guess if we could expose an endpoint API we could extract, it would be nice if we could use GraphQL against a non NR source.

Daniel Golden [11:41 AM]
Right, it definitely would be.

Daniel Golden [11:42 AM]
I’m looking into this right now to see if I can get you a more sure answer

DavidB [11:42 AM]
how about Nerdstorage, are there any plans for have a secure area like in Synthetics ? E.g. So if as in the we had to provide credentials, they could be put in secure storage and not in the nerdlet code.

5 replies

Daniel Golden [11:43 AM]
Just asked my colleague about this who said:

Eh, yes but not as easily as most would probably want…
You’d have to install the apollo client and configure it against the thing you want to talk to
i.e. You can’t re-use anything in our SDK to do it, but [we] are at least aware of that use case.

Linds [11:47 AM]
Daniel, in your experience, what has been the hardest hurdle for customers to get over when first starting to build Nerdpacks? and what is your advice?

Daniel Golden [11:49 AM]
We’ve run into two different kinds of common problems:

  1. On the one hand developers interested in building Nerdpacks are sometimes only have a cursory understanding of React the framework that Nerdpacks are built on.

To that I’d highly recommend going through our workshop ( which is written in such a way that you could complete it if you’ve never written a line of React (or javascript for that matter) in your life. Also, my personal favorite React tutorial is available for free on Scrimba ( (edited)

  1. Once developers have built a Nerdpack, the most common question I’ve heard is “How do I deploy this to my organization”? And, thankfully, we have some really helpful docs for that:

Linds [11:54 AM]
Excellent—thanks for sharing the resources, too!

I think we have time for one more question!

Also, please look forward to Daniel and his team’s upcoming Office Hours in this slack instance—a lot of these questions (about roadmap and upcoming features) will be better suited with the whole “Open Source Software and Developer Ecosystem Team” looking at your needs for Nerdpacks and building custom applications. Stay tuned for that official announcement soon!

DavidB [11:57 AM]
many thanks Daniel and Linds for this, very useful.

Linds [11:57 AM]
Our pleasure! Thanks for having amazing questions and insight!

Daniel Golden [11:57 AM]
No problem, David. Thanks for asking great questions! I’m really glad this was helpful

Linds [11:58 AM]
As always, this Coffee Chat will be posted in the Explorers Hub ( - look for the tag coffee-chat

Thanks again everyone! Until next time!