Okta SAML support

Hey, I’m currently assisting our technical team with our upcoming Okta adoption and implementation,
and we noticed you currently offer a SAML integration to your service.

I have just a few questions that would help us in these efforts.

  1. Does our current level of service allow us to use your SAML integration? If not, what service level would we require to use a SAML integration with Okta?
  2. Would you mind sharing your SAML integration documentation links with us to help point our developers in the right direction? Any documentation specifically related to Okta would be helpful as well.
  3. Is there anything else we should keep in mind as we integrate single sign on via Okta with your service?

Thank you.

Good morning @abdul.mumin

  1. You need at least one pro subscription to any NR product before having the ability to set up Single Sign-On. It looks like this account does not yet have any subscription, if you have another account, let me know & share the account ID, I can check that for you.
  2. Sure!
  3. Yes! A couple of things…
    • When SSO is enabled, users on the account will be placed into a pending state, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their account, which will allow them to then log in to the account. These confirmation links can expire, but a account Admin can retrigger these emails from the Users and Roles page.
    • Pending users have no capabilities on an account. Thus, any Admin API keys they may have had previously no longer exist, and notification channels in alerts that are based on the User channel type are also deleted. They will be re-instated once users confirm their accounts, but will need to be re-added to alert policies.
    • Both of the above points can be avoided with Domain Whitelisting. Get in touch if you want to explore that option.

A lot of this is summarised nicely here: Relic Solution: Read this BEFORE you enable Single Sign On (SSO)

Let us know if that answers your questions or if we can help with more.

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Thank you Ryan. It will be helpful.