One browser, multiple apps


I have a web app talking to different backends.
Each customer has its own backend but its is the same browser frontend served for all clients.
Clients connecte to their site with https://<client>

How to configure the browser script to link with the correct App, based on the address it’s called from ?


Hi, @igardais: If your backend applications are instrumented by New Relic APM, you can have APM automatically inject the Browser script into each page. APM will include the correct application ID automatically.

The backend is instrumented by APM but serves only REST API requests. (SpringBoot)
The frontend web code is not included in the war file but served aside by an NGINX server.
Thus I’m not sure browser script injection will make it.

Am I wrong ?

Ah. No, you are not wrong; if the server-side code doesn’t serve the page to the browser, APM will not be able to inject the Browser agent.

You might try the approach described in this thread: New Relic Browser Script in Different Enviroments.

I see.
I’ll have a look at this.