One Core 3rd Party Component Deprecations: Jan 2021

As part of New Relic One Core’s ongoing deprecation and release management process the following functions will be deprecated. Please take proper actions to remove or replace these in your application by March 1st 2021.

Deprecation List

Timeline for depreciation

  • Documentation : Currently our component documentation identifies these functions will have deprecations. This has been in place for a year following the One Core deprecation procedures.
  • In App Warnings: On Jan 29th any application that uses one of these functions will see an in application toast warning as well as console errors.
  • Full Deprecation: On March 1st all functions will officially be deprecated.

How to check your code

Option 1: Use Repolinter to check your code

  • Step 1: Add this workflow file to your project’s .github/workflows directory.
  • Step 2: If the workflow highlights any issues you need to fix, fix them.

In the future, we’ll be updating the ruleset if there are ever additional deprecations in the API.


Option 2: Manually check your code

  • Search your code for the deprecations and remove or replace them following our documentation linked above.

Please let us know if you have any questions!