One.NewRelic Missing the tags on SQS entities

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One.NewRelic Infrastructure view missing the tags on SQS entities

Link to one.newrelic showing queue missing AWS Tags:
Link to SQS Queue in NR Infra

  • Which version of Windows or which distribution of Linux are you using?

NewRelic Infra integration to AWS Services

  • What is your Infrastructure Subscription level? Essentials or PRO?


  • Describe what you are seeing. How does this differ from what you expected to see?

We are missing the tags on SQS queues, I do see them on lambda, api-gateway.

Is this something missing on our account or a general issue?

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Hey @henkmeulekamp

I don’t see any tags being collected for SQS looking into Insights.
Could you give a tag name that you are sure exits on your queue to investigate this further?


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We have the following tags on nearly all of our SQS queues:


In text:
Environment, Platform, Provisioner, Subsystem, System

Hi @henkmeulekamp,

Thanks for sending me the tags names.
Let me have a first look at this and if we need more info i’ll get back to you here.

Otherwise i’ll keep you posted of our findings.


I am having the same issue. Is there an update?

Update: I found that collect tags was not enabled on the SQS configuration page. I can now see aws tag as Label.value. The issue I have is that you cannot use the insights filter option to filter on labels. they are displayed in the attributes list but does not populate in filter field.


Thanks @klynch. I toggled this on in the SQS config and indeed, one day later I’m able to use tags to both filter on infra alert setup on SQS and filter on sqs set tags within NewRelic.One.

This fixed it. Not sure when the config option was added, not seen it before?

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Thank you so much @henkmeulekamp for marking the solution to your problem so that others know that there is an answer. Extra thanks to @klynch for stepping in with the answer! We appreciate you both.