One of my apm services is not recording data

Hi, I have a problem with one of the services. It is not recording data.

The past month I reached the free tier limit, but this month with the fresh start only one of the services is recording data.


Hi @alpemaca & a big welcome to our community!

As it turns out, we recently implemented the block you are experiencing for accounts without a credit card on file that exceed the 100 GB free limit. This FAQ covers commonly asked questions, but please let us know if you have questions that aren’t covered there. Thank you!

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Hello, thanks for your response. But I can’t find in the FAQ a clear answer for my case, as I don’t know if the answers are related with a specific month or not

Just to be sure that I’m understanding rightly.

That means that if I exceed the 100GB free limit one time, in one month; the service will stop recording data all the following months in the future, is it that?


Hi @alpemaca, allow me to clarify. If you exceed the 100GB free limit within a month, this amount should reset the following month. I hope this helps.

Hi ghoran. No that is not what is happening. The past month I reached the free limit. This month I can’t see any data for one of my services, so I guess there are some kind of error there. However, the amount of data being recording is growing at a similar rate. Maybe the data is being recorded but not being shown. Is there any way to check how much data is using each one of the services?

Hello @alpemaca - There is! The UI provides a base level of detail, but you can use NRQL to dig deeper into your usage data. These samples queries may help you find what you are looking for:

Let me know how it goes!

As I said, I can’t see data in the UI, no a base level of data, zero data. And the “you reached the free limit on the past month” popup is sometimes constantly appearing.

Hi @alpemaca - I have opened a case on your behalf! A support agent will reach out shortly to assist you with this. Thank you!

I’m still waiting for this

Hi @alpemaca :wave:, Apologies for the delay! One of our support agents is currently investigating your issue. They will reach out soon with an update - Thank you!

ok, thanks! (more than 20 characters)