One of our new users is not recieving an email invite


One of our new users: bo*****.dr**** is not receiving an email invite - I assume because she is on a suppression list. I have tried multiple times to invite her but it is not even getting to our O365. Deleting and recreating account does not work either.

Can you remove her please?


Hi David,

Thanks for your post. Since your question is about a login, I’m going to create us a private ticket to work from. Please keep an eye out for that shortly.


Hello there, I’m facing a similar issue with one of my users. How did you resolve this?

Hey Shayne!

I’ve opened a ticket for you. Keep an eye out for it in your email.


I’m facing the same issue as well. Have tried multiple times with multiple users and none of the verification emails seem to come through.

@brett.patterson Sorry to hear you’re having this issue also. Someone will be in contact soon to work this out with you.