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Online Technical Community 2016 Customer Survey—Section One (Part One)



Section One: Who is the Online Technical Community?

The Online Technical Community was launched over two years ago with the intent that New Relic customers would have a place to ask questions and learn tips, tricks, and best practices from each other and from our New Relic support and product engineering experts.

We had no idea who would show up, and how the conversation would evolve. Now that we’ve been at this a while, we wanted to know: Who are you? Our hope is that by better understanding who’s in the Community, we can tailor our content, campaigns, and services to better meet your needs.

Here’s what you told us about who you are.

How long have you been a customer?

Most of the respondents to our survey (62%) have been New Relic customers between one and three years. Adding in the respondents who reported they have been customers for 4 or more years, our total bumps to 78%. This suggests that the people in our community are fairly experienced with New Relic products.

What does that mean?

These numbers might tell us more about the survey respondents than about the community in general. Based on the user account data we have, we think we have a much larger proportion of new customers, but they would be understandably much less likely to respond to a survey about the Online Technical Community, possibly thinking they don’t have enough experience to contribute to the survey.

However, knowing that our respondents are fairly New Relic savvy is helpful as a lens for understanding the rest of our survey results, and allows us to learn more about how we can better serve the people who have been part of the Community longest.

What is your role at your organization?

Respondents to the survey come from a wide variety of roles, with Developers claiming the largest percentage (33%). We were somewhat surprised to find that Senior Leadership and DevOps made up the second largest percentage of our response base, at 23%.

What does this mean?

If this title breakdown is representative of the entire Online Technical Community, the vast majority of our members are practitioners - individuals using New Relic services to inform their daily work. Staying focused on practical technical information will be important to serving these members. The number of members who identify as Senior Leadership suggests that we may need to think about new kinds of content as well. Content for these members might not focus on the nuts and bolts as much as how the data can be used to inform your business. These would be new kinds of discussions for us to foster.

For the full report: click the link below:

CustomerSurveyReport.pdf (812.6 KB)