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Online Technical Community 2016 Customer Survey—Wrap Up



Survey Wrap Up

There was a lot to learn in the results from our very first Community survey. Here are some of our biggest takeaways:

You want your support to be self-service. When it’s time to get help, you want that help to come online. We’ve worked hard to make the Online Technical Community that resource for you, but we’re going to need your assistance as we design and experiment with new features to meet this demand.

You are experienced with New Relic products. You’ve been customers for some time now, and consider yourselves experts. You can help us ensure that the Online Technical Community is a resource, where you can ask the questions and where you can get the answers you need. We’ll need to follow up with you to understand what keeps you from sharing and engaging more.

Our most active members have completed their profile. These members are not just in it for the transactional nature of getting a question answered. They know that connecting personally but sharing some of who they are in the form of a profile will enrich their experience, extending their New Relic team and helping to build their careers.

It’s clear that we have so much more we can do to make your participation in the Online Technical Community even more valuable to you. We’ll be digging deeper into some of these questions in the coming months, as well as rolling out new features, content, and campaigns. Thank you for everything you do to make it all possible.

CustomerSurveyReport.pdf (812.6 KB)