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Only send alerts during a specifc time window each day



Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply and for forwarding to the appropriate product manager. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.


Any update since you’ve brought this to your managers attention?

Judging from this thread, this is clearly a feature that would benefit many of your users. We’re talking about adding some sort of time parameter to alert conditions so we can decide when we want them to alert. Can’t be that hard to do. This was first brought up nearly 4 years ago, I find it hard to believe that there just hasn’t been enough time to get this in a release.


While it may be hard to deal with a lot of feature requests, this one can be considered almost core functionality. Many people deal with recurring scheduled maintenance, so an alerting system should be flexible enough to deal with this. It’s quite disappointing that this issue has been laying around causing frustration for so many users.


I just want to throw my +1 in too, this would be some really nice functionality to have. Currently we some applications I can’t even set alerts for because their behavior in off-hours are completely different than the business hours we actually need the alerts for.


+1 Seem like a no-brainer.


Thanks folks! We’ll get all of these plus 1’s added here and sent up to the right team :slight_smile:


Our company would really like this feature as well. +1
Maybe we should also spike on signal effects.


Hey @Christine.Hong - I’ll get your +1 added.


+2 We really need to have this feature implemented. Its a hold up as we are migrating from another tool which has the capability and we cannot recreate maintenance schedules in NR APM.
Not sure how this was missed, all major monitoring tools have maintenance schedule option available.


Thanks for your feedback @Ralphm3 - We’ll definitely get that passed along


Our team has the same need. We do not service customers during the night and therefore do not need alerts during off-hours.


Thanks for commenting here @peter.podniesinski I’ll get your +1 added here


+1 for this feature from us too


Thanks @Rumen.Ginev - I’ll add that +1 now :smiley:


+1 here. We are shutting down our test environment every night and don’t want any healthcheck alerts raised.


Thanks @michal.fijas - Your +1 has just been added.


+1 here. We are expecting CPU hike every night on our Prod environment and want to exclude alerts during that period.


Thanks @Iranga.Mendis - I’ll get your +1 added here.


We have a similar situation: we have regularly scheduled maintenance processes that run during off-hours, and it would be good to not get alerted because of those.


HI any update on this. We want alerts to get reported during certain hours. So is there any way to disable alerts using nrql or anything apart from API? It is very troublesome to implement API calls for us . Im using the below nrql but its not working as it is always giving zero in the mentioned hours.