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Only send alerts during a specifc time window each day



+1 Our average page load speed is less than 1 second during the day but can be over 5 seconds on a night when backups, CRONS, updates etc run. Being able to set a time frame for the alerts would be good.


Hey all! Currently there is no update - but I want to thank you all for sharing your use cases. These do get sent up to the alerts team.


Would like to just +1 this thread and express disappointment that this has not been implemented yet for APM and Infra alerts, in agreement with others on here that it is needed. Thanks.


Thanks for the +1 @jgimpelman - I’ll add that here :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan,

Please add me as well!! :slight_smile:

we also have regular scheduled maintenance processes that run during off-hours, and it would be great if we can skip those false alerts.


Hey @mohamedibrahim.abdul - I’ll get your +1 added too :smiley:


I would also like to have this feature.


Thanks for adding your +1 @Jeremiah.Parrack - The alerts team are actually in the planning phase - setting up for the work to get a Maintenance Windows feature built.


Any status on this? I am very interested in this so we can ignore alerts during maintenance window.


Hey @glutz - Thanks for the +1… as for an update - I have nothing more of an update than that which I mentioned in my most recent comment:

I’ll get your +1 added internally so we have an accurate representation of our users need for this feature.


Thank you Hugh Gardiner