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Only send alerts during a specifc time window each day



Hi all - No dates I can share right now, but the Alerts team is working on a Maintenance Window solution. Like I said I don’t have detail on when, but it is something we’re working towards.


I’m a bit perplexed as to how this feature hasn’t been added when other products have had it since this thread was opened 5 years ago. While it would have been really nice then, now it makes new relic almost useless without major configuration changes on each host. I should be able to apply a runtime or maintenance window to an environment via the GUI assigned to a FILTER group. What compounds this issue is when my scheduled runtime environments come online, they create a new host according to their EC2 instance ID, which then alerts as down 5-10 minutes later because the agent updates the host name.


Hi @PPrimmer Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. It has been a while - but Alert Condition muting rules are coming! While I don’t have dates confirmed, the team are hard at work getting this feature ready for release very soon.

Keep an eye on this thread, we’ll be sure to update it as soon as we can with more details.

Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window?

Can you give a time frame? I support a development team. I am familiar with release schedules. If they are coming there should be development/testing/implementation/production schedules in place, no? 5 years later, hearing ‘its coming’, when it was implemented over 2 years ago in related products from New Relic.


Good news:


Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to say that we have launched Alerts Muting Rules - allowing you to stop your notifications during your maintenance windows.

Check out the docs here:

We’re going to get this thread closed out now that Muting Rules are available, and we’re going to close the poll here too; feel free to ask your Muting Rules questions in the Alerts Space: #support-products-agents:alerts

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