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Open Violation After Violating Entity Exists No More


What happens to a violation that resulted in a server violating a policy and that server gets terminated before the violation is fixed? For example, server A memory utilization goes over a threshold, a violation is created, before memory utilization drops back below the threshold to close the violation, server A is terminated. What happens to the opened violation? Does it stay opened indefinitely? @GeneJohnson tagging you since we worked on a related issue before :slight_smile:


In this situation (if I understand it correctly) the violation associated with the entity that is no longer reporting should close. I’ll admit that this hasn’t been flawless but the reports I’ve seen haven’t been too frequently. If you come across a violation like this, you can typically clear it out by toggling the condition off for a moment, checking that the violation has closed, and flipping it back on.

If you do see this behavior, though, post a link to the violation, please! Customer reports of apparently aberrant behavior is really valuable to us.


Thanks @parrott. You said that “the violation associated with the entity that is no longer reporting should close.” Will it close after a certain time? If there is no human intervention, will it close after some time?
Here is an example of open violations associated with an entity that isn’t reporting any more


This type of violation doesn’t have a TTL attached to it where it will automatically close. If you disable the condition then the violation should close right away. Since there are only a couple of entities associated with it I wouldn’t expect this to cause too much angst for you.

As a side note, I wanted to make sure that you’ve seen this post about the legacy Servers EOL. No worries if you’re aware of it already but I would be remiss to not mention it :slight_smile:


Thanks @parrott! And yes, I am aware of the legacy Servers EOL. Thanks for the clarification.


Hi there @alex.tulikumwenayo - Looks like @parrott got you squared away. If his answer resolved your question, could you please click the checkbox under his post so that everyone will know this thread is answered and what that answer is? Thanks!