OpenTelemetry Ingest does not detect transactions in APM

Hi there,

I am currently evaluating the opentelemetry ingest via opentelemtry-collector, as described here. In the Spring Pet Clinic example the spans of individual http routes show up as transaction in APM. Another service, which is instrumented with jaeger-traces, the spans are recorded but not picked up as transactions.

This blog article says:

New Relic identifies transactions based on the root span name of your service. If you use OpenTelemetry auto-instrumentation (and you should!), the instrumentation should give your span a useful name that groups your requests.

The jaeger-instrumented spans seem to fulfil this criteria. Can you tell what’s wrong/missing?

I attached a 2 line NRQL sample from the SpanTable (service PetClinic is showing transactions, while service osm-admin-hierarchies is not): table_csv.txt (1.6 KB)