OpenTelemetry Troubleshooting Framework - SDK Configuration

SDK Configuration

The OpenTelemetry SDK provides standard ways to configure what happens, or what we want to do, with the instrumentation data that’s collected by the API. It is the implementation of the API, or how we utilize the API. Generally, resource creation and configuration occurs in the SDK.

Resource creation

In order for a service that has been instrumented with OpenTelemetry to appear in the Services - OpenTelemetry tab in NR1, confirm that a attribute has been configured in the language SDK.

To see more data in NR1, the following attributes are also required to be configured:

  • is required for certain panes to light up
  • telemetry.sdk.language=java is required to see data in the JVM section

If you are not seeing your OpenTelemetry service in NR1, first check this page before investigating further.

If you have confirmed that things look to be configured correctly and are still not seeing your OpenTelemetry service in NR, let’s enable logging to find out what’s going on.

If you see your OpenTelemetry service in NR1, but are not seeing data or believe you are missing data, a good next step is to query for NrIntegrationError events, or NRIEs.

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