OpsGenie missing from Workflow Destination

I can’t seem to find how to integrate new the Workflow feature with Opsgenie.
I can set up a channel, but not use it in the new Workflow.

What are next steps?


Hello @user1842,

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I see you are wanting to get your alerts sent to OpsGenie but are unable to get the integration to work currently. Our very own Phil Weber has some steps that may be helpful from another post where a customer experienced a similar issue.

  1. Configure an OpsGenie notification channel: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/alerts/new-relic-alerts/managing-notification-channels/notification-channels-control-where-send-alerts#opsgenie
  2. Create a new alert policy or edit an existing one: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/alerts/new-relic-alerts/configuring-alert-policies/create-edit-or-find-alert-policy
  3. Add your OpsGenie notification channel to the alert policy from Step 2: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/alerts/new-relic-alerts/managing-notification-channels/update-alert-notification-channels#add-channel

Please let me know if you were able to follow these steps and get this working how you would like. If not we will be more than happy to help you out further. I hope you have a great day!

Hi, @user1842: You are correct that OpsGenie is not currently supported with the new workflows and destinations. To send notifications to OpsGenie, you must use classic notification channels.

This is a bit dissapointing. Is OpsGenie on the roadmap?

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I am not on the product team, so I do not know what they have on the roadmap.

Can we get someone from the product team to answer?

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We’re also using OpsGenie and want to know when Workflow will get OpsGenie support.

Hi @laurence @laurence

Thank you both for reaching out.

I will reach out with the product team, and provide any info I can on a roadmap for this.

Please note allow me some time to gather all the info. I will reply via this thread with any update I have.

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Hi @LL92 @laurence

Im reaching out to let you know that our team has been meeting with the OpsGenie team. The are working resolving this issue.

However it will still some more time as the fix will need to come from the OpsGenie side.

Should I have further updates, I will be sure to keep you updated.


You mentioned using classic notification channels in the mean time, but I am unable to find those as a configurable item in the New Relic interface.

Your documentation mentions going to “Alerts & AI” and then clicking “Notification Channels”, but clicking “Alerts & AI” just redirects to “Detection & AI” and there is no “Notification Channels” link to be found anywhere.

Thoughts? Or does this mean we just have to wait until the integration is fixed before using OpsGenie?

Referenced docs:

Hi, any further updates regards having the option to send alerts to opsgenie via workflow? This is a major blocker for us to move to use workflows

Hello @jake48.

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Currently there are no new updates aside from what @dcody had posted above. When updates are available we will be sure to notify the community. Please reach out if you have other questions or anything we can help with.

Hello @RDev,

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If your account has been upgraded to the new Workflows then you will not have access to the classic alerts page. You can find more regarding the planned upgrade and schedule here: https://discuss.newrelic.com/t/plan-to-upgrade-alert-notification-channels-to-workflows-and-destinations/188205.

Please reach out if there is anything else we can help with!

@dcody Wanted to check in on this. What is the current status of this integration?

We are currently blocked by the Opsgenie integration not being included in the new Alert Workflows.

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Hi @jbaker3

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I notice this is your first post in the community, congrats!

For updates related to OpsGenie Workflow, it may be worth noting @michaelfredericks response, above your post.

For reference, he linked a post Plan to upgrade Alert Notification Channels to Workflows and Destinations. In which @bgoleno explains “Updates on the upgrade process. Workflows and Destinations capabilities are fully deployed, and they are the official method for configuring and receiving notifications.”.

Additionally the linked post has shared resources on this.

I hope this was helpful, should you have any questions or updates please do reach out.

You can use OpGenies webhooks with our new Destination. Here is someone who has created an OpsGenie webhook destination: https://discuss.newrelic.com/t/opsgenie-via-webhook/188402

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Yes but the problem is that it will not send a correct request to close an open alert. The webhook is working fine to create an issue in OpsGenie but the problem is when closing one.

So I hope New Relic doesn’t migrate anyone who are currently using Classic Notification method with OpsGenie.

This needs to be resolved first!

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I’m with LL92, it’s not possible to disable this option, without the new way works as the old one!
This is a big problem for us.


adding to this as well. we have a large portion of our incident management process that is formed around this. not having this included really takes away from the value provided. we spent a LOT of money on new relic, I will be bring this up to our account managers ASAP

Hi @pboyd , @LL92 , @clouden_nrelic1 ,

Can you please confirm that you have tried to use this template from link below:

Just to confirm it is a post sent from dkoyano, he has shared payload that should resolve your issue.
Let us know if that works or not so we can update them on this.

KR, Marin