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Oracle Database connection pool dashboard


Hello All,

I am using oracle db with .net application, using NewRelic i am able to get the queries health, i would also be interested to know on DB connections, what was the connection pool size and allocations. Do we have anything on Newrelic?

Thanks in advance for your time to answer this question.


Hi @Mahantesh.Yalakki - I am not sure this is possible using the APM agent. You could try the Oracle Integration to get data into Insights which can then be queried.


Hey @Mahantesh.Yalakki - Stefan is right, the APM agent isn’t designed to monitor Oracle DB connections - so the integration Stefan linked to is your best bet for this.


Thank you Stefan and Ryan for your inputs. Definitely would like to have the Oracle Integration for DB diagnostics. Can anyone tell me what would be the overhead on actual DB with this integration running like CPU and memory consumption, if not realistic values any percentage values will help me take it forward.


Hey @Mahantesh.Yalakki - we don’t have documented overhead statistics for our integrations. That said we try to make all of our agents/integrations as minimally invasive on your systems as we possibly can.