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Original Request URI for Java



We are looking for Original request URI attribute in Insights So Could you please let me know if we will get through Custom Parameter or is there something we can do in YAML file for enabling it. We are using 4.9.0 APM Agent version which have request


Hi, @mohamedibrahim.abdul: I don’t know which agent version added it, but with recent agents, you should be able to do this:

SELECT `request.uri` FROM Transaction WHERE appName = 'My Application'


Hi Phil,

Thank you for the quick response. So I tried running the above query for two of our applications and seeing the values but when i run the below query, i am seeing only for one application and other application does not return a value. So thought of asking if this should be any config file change or custom parameter.

SELECT Original Request URI from Transaction where appName = ‘MyAppName’ where Original Request URI is NOT NULL


There is not an attribute called “Original Request URI”, unless you have added it as a custom attribute. You may execute the following query to see a list of available attributes:

SELECT keyset() FROM Transaction WHERE appName = 'My Application'


Hi Phil,

Thank you, i am able to see all the attributes so whether there is a way to see only the custom attributes or not the custom attributes?


You can see of list of default attributes in the documentation. If it’s not on the list, it’s probably a custom attribute.

You can also execute a query like this:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction 
WHERE `Original Request URI` IS NOT NULL 
FACET appName

If the attribute does not appear in events from all applications, it is likely a custom attribute.


Thank you Phil for quick responses and the link to find the attributes, very helpful!! Have a great eve sir!! :slight_smile: