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Page views for some pages are not tracked


We are not getting data for some of the pages in Browser Application Monitoring. The common pattern with those pages is that they have a RewriteRule in .htaccess (and our PHP framework is not supported in NewRelic): RewriteRule accounting.php default.php?module=accounting&%1 [L]

So, auto instrumentation is not working for such pages, and I don’t see the relevant javascript inserted into them. However, upon manually inserting the JS code, that transaction gets logged and we can view details of the page.

Is there any way that we can make the auto injecting work in this scenario?


Hey @sshah2,

One potential workaround that I can think of would be to use the newrelic_get_browser_timing_header() and newrelic_get_browser_timing_footer() API methods.

If you’re using a templating engine or sharing header and footer HTML templates across your applications views then the required JS would be only have to be included once. The JS would be injected across your application. Refer to the Browser documentation for more information.

If you go this route then it may result in the Browser JavaScript be injected twice. If that’s the case you’ll need to update your newrelic.ini file and set browser_monitoring.auto_instrument to false.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile: