PagerDuty API malformed or lacks write access

Im trying to setup :Incident Intelligence >Sources >PagerDuty , however i receive this error message.

“PagerDuty API Malformed or lacks write access
We need to reset this connection so you can try a different key from PagerDuty.”

Hi @kenneth.fang,

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Can you confirm that the PagerDuty API key you generated has write access enabled?

  • The key should be either a personal or general access key with write access. If it’s created by a user, the user should be an admin.

I recommend taking a look at PagerDuty for more on this. If you have questions about enabling write access see the PagerDuty documentation Generating API Keys

Let me know if this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you remove the PagerDuty API key that was added from New Relic if you want to start over? Thanks. If receiving the error “PagerDuty API Malformed or lacks write access" under Sources > PagerDuty. ?

Hi @kenneth.fang, I reproduced this error. I’m going to send it to the engineering team and will respond in internal Case #00022163

Hi @kenneth.fang, this error has been cleared and you can now enter a new PagerDuty API key from the Sources page.