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Pantheon SSO Failure



Hey there,

We’re having issues logging into your service from Pantheon.
The gist of it is, we go to a url much like /sites/9c96e2e8-4604-48be-a49c-7f288ff7b7cf#dev/new_relic/NewRelic

We make sure we log out of any pre-existing New Relic accounts.
We click a link that goes to something like “

On some accounts it works, it logs us into an account that mirrors the name of the Pantheon account.
But in certain instances, it’s saying “We’re sorry, you haven’t verified your email address yet. If you’ve misplaced the verification email we sent, click on the “Forgot Password” link and we’ll send you another one.”

What is the path forward?


@grok Can you DM me the email address(es) and/or user account numbers that are experiencing the issue? It sounds like they were never activated.


Sure thing – do you have DM on Twitter enabled for people who you don’t follow?
It’s not letting me DM you.

Is there a way to do it on this platform?


Also – not to be that guy – but this support platform is breaking a TON. Lots of errors, lots of false negatives - 502 errors, failed to load content and so on…just letting you know.


@grok if you click on my user name do you have an option to message me?

Also could you let me know what browser you are using and whether you are using any content/ad blockers?


So… here’s what happens when I click your name – more fun breakage.

This was working a few minutes ago. Now it’s not. But at the time when I checked your profile I did not have DM option.


@Grok Well that is a sucky experience. I have reached out to our forum provider to look into the errors.

I’m going to go ahead and make you a ticket to get the rest of this figured out so you don’t have to struggle with this any more.

There you should receive an email shortly!


Hey I’m wondering if this issue was resolved (and how). We are getting the same message:
“We’re sorry, you haven’t verified your email address yet. If you’ve misplaced the verification email we sent, click on the “Forgot Password” link and we’ll send you another one.”

I’m just not sure how to restart the verification process.


@GISTTeamLead I can help get that process restarted for you, could you DM me with email address(es) and/or user account numbers that are experiencing the issue?


Also having that issue: no DM that I can find on your profile.


Argh! Sorry about that. I’ve pinged our team about this DM issue for more visibility.

In the meantime I’ll open up a ticket for you to get this cleared up. Look for that email to arrive soon!


Hey there!

Same guy who reported the original issue.
Trying to once again access another property and it’s really going down hill.
I’ll just add screenshots? Except I can only add two because I’m a “new user”.

My steps are rather simple. I logout of any existing New Relic accounts. I go to Pantheon, Login and then go to the New Relic tab and click the “Go To New Relic” button. But then it won’t log me in or anything.

In another screenshot you can see that it IS reporting data:



Still unable to login.
Maybe, it’s because the initial setup process is weird. We probably could make progress if I could PM someone and provide some information.

High level – is where I am trying to go.
This could be “someone pre-maturely setup the account and now needs to grant me permission” or something like that.

Happy to help and get through this, we’d really like to use New Relic to look for opportunities to make our properties more efficient.



Hi @sterling.hamilton

I have moved this to a ticket to discuss further. Please watch for an email from us.


Hey @sread!

Thank you so much. I appreciate the update.


I’m running into this problem as well and haven’t found any discussion/solution besides this old thread – can someone help me out with this?


Happy to help with this, @sarah2! I will go ahead and create a privet support ticket with you since we will have to discuss account details to resolve this. Please watch for my email!

Once we get you all sorted, please be sure to come back to this thread and update us all! :blush:



It’s been some time, I was told that people keep finding this – and I realized the answer never made it back to the ticket.

When it comes to not being able to login to New Relic from Pantheon, most of the time for us, it’s because of the following:

  1. The site/account was setup, and an e-mail address is assigned to the site belonging to the Account (Team) Owner. You can find this by going to Team and and see the e-mail marked as “Owner”. What happens here is that when the account/site is created – it starts a Trial with New Relic. The New Relic account still needs to be ACTIVATED and an e-mail is sent to the Owner. If the Owner does not click the link in the e-mail, after like 30 days the account is suspended.
  2. To fix the above, just click the login for New Relic from Pantheon, end up on New Relic and reset the password using the Owner’s e-mail.
  3. Once they receive an e-mail, click the password reset link do the stuff… everything will now magically work because the root account is re-activated.

Hope this saves people some time!

CC: @sarah2 & @GISTTeamLead

May 1, 2017 Post of the Week—Agents, Mobile and Synthetics

Wow! This has been quite the journey, @grok!

Thank yo so much for following up with our community—this will definitely save people some time! Really appreciate your patience and work with this! :blush: