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Pantheon SSO not working



Hey, there. I am the account owner of a Pantheon site. At one point when we set up New Relic, everything was working fine. Since then, the site owner (on Pantheon) has changed to someone else, then back to me. Now I am getting “You don’t have permission to view this account” when I click on a New Relic link from my Pantheon dashboard.

Here is the link I’m trying to go to:

I go there and log in with my email and password, but then get “You don’t have permission to view this account.”

If I check my New Relic account settings, I am set up as the owner - but I am also seeing, as I paste this URL, that my account number is different from the one in the URL above.

I tried to file a ticket on this, but apparently don’t have ticketing access on this account (same issue, I suspect.) Can someone from New Relic help with this? (I am fine if we need to delete the account I’m logging into and fix my access to the old one - I am not using this current one for anything else.)
Thank you!


Hi @mfessler!

It looks like a ticket was successfully made for this issue this morning - I’m going to try responding to you there, but if you don’t receive an email soon feel free to ping me here!


Thank you! Sorry to clutter up this board - I filed a ticket first, but your system thought I didn’t have a plan that included support tickets, so…


No worries! It’s not clutter at all, @mfessler!

We will all be interested to hear how you get this all sorted. Once you finish up in the ticket, please follow up here in the community. I am sure your experience will help others in the future.

Thanks! :blush:


@mfessler were you able to resolve this issue? If so, how?

I am having the same problem.


Hey @jayhaase! Since the future solution will most likely depend on your specific environment, I will go ahead and privately connect you with our Partnership Experts. Look out for my email!

Once you get sorted, please share with us here how things got all worked out. Thank you! :blush: