Path to competence

So I started using New Relic in my new job, and frankly, I am fascinated by the application to the point I would like to become a Subject Matter Expert. To that end, I would appreciate some guidance. My question to those who can answer is what was your pathway to expertise?

Hi there @arinze.onyiah - and welcome to the Explorers Hub.

We’re so glad that you are finding New Relic so useful! If you have not seen it, I would take a loo at our New Relic University offerings. There are many great courses in there, and depending on how much you’ve learned already, you may want to start with this fundamentals course:

Hi, @arinze.onyiah: In addition to Holly’s suggestion, I recommend that you attend one of our two-day Full Stack Observability workshops, which cover the entire New Relic platform. After attending the workshop, you will be qualified to take the Full-Stack Observability Exam, which provides a certificate upon passing.