Pay As You Go licensing questions

I would like to take some questions about how the new Pay As You Go licensing is charged

Hi @thiago.hernandes, Welcome to the Explorers Hub! I would suggest you fill out this form for our billing team to review and address your questions!

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I filled out the form.

Would there be a specialist of Brazilian preference who can answer some questions?


I filled out the form.

Would there be a specialist of Brazilian preference who can answer some questions?

Hi @thiago.hernandes, I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this issue. They will follow up shortly by email. We only offer support in English so I can’t promise a Brazilian representative

Thank you very much.

I’m waiting for the support contact.

@nmcnamara what’s the ETA for someone contacting after filling the form ? I am interested to know more about your new licensing too!

Hi @subbu3, do not worry about the form, I have reached out to our account team for you too and our team will follow up by email.

@subbu3 Wires got cross a bit and there is a ticket opened for you already based on your topic post: Licensing and cost estimate please

The billing team has been looped in and should be in contact soon.

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I have not yet received support contact. Could you help me with my question?

@thiago.hernandes Sorry to hear that. Some in-flight process changes are holding things up a bit. I did followup on your request and our Billing team has been informed.

Can I get an expedited response please ? This is priority for us to make progress on our end.

@subbu3 Looks like there was an email response to you on Friday. I would continue to work within that ticket on this request. Our community team is not in the position to expedite. Thanks.

What response sorry ?

Hi @subbu3, a member of our team followed up on Friday with more information on the PAYG system. It is possible this email could have gone to spam.

More information on our new PAYG pricing model can be found here.

If you need anything else, let me know.

No, I did not receive any email. Nothing in spam either.

I have seen your new pricing model page and tbh its confusing. I’d really like someone from billing team help me please as we are keen to switch to the new pricing model. I believe we are on the original product based pricing.

Hi, i need help…

I am putting together a presentation related to Pay as you Go, but we would like to put together a rationale based on the current consumption of the client, as this way both we and him will have the approximate monthly expenses.

When searching the portal for information regarding the items: Data Ingest, App Transactions and Incident Events, we did not find information regarding MB, Gigabytes, etc.

Hi @thiago.hernandes, our team just followed up with you within the last hour and will have more information for you.

@subbu3 Can you just double check that the email address attached to your community account is the same one your check for a response?

@subbu3 Please refer to our DM conversation yesterday. @nmcnamara was not aware of that. As stated the ticket connected to this thread is a duplicate and should be disregarded.

Hi @nmcnamara i need pass prices for client. I need help fast.