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Percent IOPS used



Is is possible to create a view that shows lowest to highest % of total iops utilized on average. I am able to display the Max Read and Max Write Ops, but I would like to see the % of IOPS I am using of the ones I have provision. So I am trying to find the percentage of IOPS used per volume.


Here is my query for getting the MaxReadIOPS.

SELECT max(provider.volumeWriteOps.Maximum)/300 AS ‘MaxWriteOps’, max(provider.volumeReadOps.Maximum)/300 As ‘MaxReadOps’, (max((provider.volumeWriteOps.Maximum)/300) + (max(provider.volumeReadOps.Maximum)/300)) As ‘MaxTotal IOPS’ FROM BlockDeviceSample WHERE (awsAccountId = ‘############’ AND awsRegion = ‘us-east-1’) FACET displayName, awsRegion SINCE 7 days ago LIMIT 100


Hi @morgan.neenan

New Relic does not collect the total number of IOPS provisioned in EBS, so you will only be able to get maximum, average and minimum counts of read and write IOPS.