Performance downgrade since April 12 7pm CET - certificate update coincidence?


we are using New Relic APM via PHP agent. Yesterday April 12 around 7pm CET we did application deploy on AWS Fargate as usual (minor changes) and we have noticed a big performance downgrade (performance -40%). So rolled back, but it did not help. We tried to redeploy/rollback the app several times, but it did not help. Then we have noticed, there was a certificate update on your site exactly at the same time (7pm CET = 10am PT):

We do not use Java agent. Is it just a coincidence or can it be related in some way? We deploy a new app version several times a day and we have never seen issues like this or the rollback helped.

Thank you for your help.


tried to move the daemon to another host and the performance is still poor. I guess it is AWS related issue.

Hi @david2, this seems to be purely a coincidence that you’re running into issues today if you do not use the Java agent.