PHP 8 beta is available – New PHP Agent coming?


PHP 8 is coming up and it would be great if the New Relic PHP Agent could be updated already. With PHP 7 I remember that it took some time before we could upgrade because there was no New Relic PHP Agent yet. Could work on this be started already?


A build for the ARM platform would be also great.

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Hi @adrian22,

Yes, we are keeping a close eye on PHP 8.0. Now that there is a beta, we will be doing some exploration work on this soon. We’re anticipating a GA release in December, and also that PHP 8.0 will have some major changes to our existing PHP agent.

We’ve been tracking pretty closely to release dates of new PHP runtimes, and we will do our best to have something available to provide support for PHP 8.0 around the GA date or soon after.

Regarding ARM, maybe you’ve seen our recent announcement about Open Sourcing our agents … we will be releasing our PHP agent on GitHub fully open source and you will be able to build your own binaries.

Does that help?

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Hi Jodee,

that’s great to hear!

I saw the announcement about open sourcing the agents. I could not test it as I could not find the PHP agent yet. Hope it’s published soon.


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The PHP agent release in the open is imminent! We are anticipating release next week, keep an eye on GitHub for

Regarding support for PHP 8, we’ve started some work, but it’s not a small effort. I will keep the community posted as soon as I have a more firm timeframe for this.


We are keen to upgrade our website to PHP 8 but having a compatible NewRelic Agent is a blocking issue :no_entry:.

I’ll keep an eye on the releases:

God speed. :+1:

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Thank you @tomfotherby! You can keep an eye on our progress on our engineering board:

And, view our roadmap for other upcoming work:


This link doesn’t work, it shows
“Page not found” for me. I guess the PHP engineering board is private, and not set to public. Interestingly, the Java and Go engineering boards are public, so seems like an oversight that PHP board is not viewable, maybe you can fix it.

Fixed! Sorry I failed to notice this previously. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


This is also blocking our upgrade to PHP8, and I must say I’m negatively surprised that this isn’t fixed yet. Is there any timeline on when the NewRelic PHP Agent will support PHP 8 (other then “check our development board”)?


PHP 8.0.1 has been released and NR agent is till in development? Any deadline for this since many sites are going to upgrade it.


Could you please give an update when the release will be available? Thank you very much!


I’m guessing that all you developers are way too busy preparing the support for PHP 8.0 and not really having time to reply to either this thread or updating the status on — but it would be nice just to give us some feedback on this.

I’d gladly build/compile from source an alpha-grade PHP Agent that supports PHP 8.0, if I only knew where to grab it from :wink:

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Thank you all for your request for an update. I’m reaching out to our product team to see if there is something to share or not. :slight_smile:

Heard back from our product team. They are actively working on this upgrade and are looking at an end of Feb to early March release. These boards are still the best place to track progress.

Engineering board: .
Roadmap for other upcoming work:


Hi @JoiConverse, is the work in progress on track for an end of Feb / early March release for PHP 8 support?