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PHP 9.0.0 temporary rollback


We were very excited to release PHP Agent v9.0, a major release that includes a significant refactor that allows us to treat span events that are needed for Distributed Tracing separate from segments that are needed for Transaction Traces. This allows the agent to send up to New Relic the spans that are desired to be viewed for a distributed trace that includes PHP services, and also separately provide more expansive segment detail when exploring transaction traces for an individual PHP service.

We go through a very rigorous testing process, and also deliberately bumped our version numbering up to a major release to indicate that this release was significant.

As of 5:20 pm PST, we have officially rolled back this release to the last PHP agent v8.7. We had a total of >5,400 PHP v9.0 agents reporting, but several customers had reported segfault issues.

At this time, we don’t feel that we have fully identified the root cause of these segfaults, and don’t want to cause any more potential issues. We take product issues very seriously, especially ones of this nature. We intend to replace the v9.0.0.242 soon with an updated version that corrects segfault issues that we have seen.

Any customers that have partially upgraded a service (e.g. they have a mix of v9.0 and older PHP agents) will not see the new features for that service.

We do not yet have an ETA for an updated version. I will provide an update when we have fully identified the root cause and started our testing cycles again in preparation for release.

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I’ve just posted an update and a link to a new candidate release that we would be grateful for a couple customers to test also in their environment.

See PHP agent 9.0.1 - candidate release that fixes segfault & memory leak issues