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PHP agent 9.0.1 - candidate release that fixes segfault & memory leak issues


We have a fix for the seg faults issue that also addresses the memory leaks. It’s passed our internal testing.

The bug manifested itself in a couple ways in customer environments, and we didn’t get any logs for one of the categories of issues.

So to be sure that we really got it, we’re distributing out patch release to the customers that saw the issue to confirm that it does indeed fix their issue.

If you are also willing to try it out, here’s our patch release in advance of an official release while we go through this quick customer test cycle:

Any feedback that you can provide on this build will be gratefully received. If we get feedback - especially from those that saw memory leaks before, then we hope to get this out today or tomorrow.

Jodee Varney
Product Manager

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Of special note with this release… we DO expect to see different memory behaviors than with prior releases. Due to the new way that the agent processes and stores segments, memory use will ramp up more quickly than prior releases; the O/S is pretty lazy and that memory does not necessarily get freed very quickly. The overall resident set size of this release might be higher.



Tested this in our staging environment for a few hours and did not get any segmentation faults.


Thanks Jonas! That’s great news. We have positive feedback from a couple other customers that had seen the issue as well. I anticipate a release of the fix either mid-day today or, more likely, on Monday.


We’ve officially release 9.0.2, see the new posting:


I deployed this release after experiencing the segfaults and so far so good.