PHP Agent not capturing PHP errors

A while back we experienced an issue with out New Relic install where the PHP agent no longer reported all of the info it originally did.

The agent can clearly see the 6 hosts relevant to the web app and reports on their status, memory usage, and response time. However it no longer seems to handle and capture the errors.

We utilize the PHP agent on 2 sites with very similar setups and one works fine while the other does not.

PHPInfo reflects that newrelic is there and configured exactly the same as the other site. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps listed within documents related to PHP agent issues as well as ran the diagnostic tool, which returned nothing of importance from what I could gather.

New Relic version is 9.160.295 - which I know is now a bit outdated but even when this was the newest we were suffering from this issue and updating has never resolved the issue.

PHP version 7.3.25. Hoping we may be able to get some guidance on this.

Hi @anelson1

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This issue was reported by some customers and was related to how the data was displayed in the UI (instead of the PHP Agent not reporting it).

I’m wondering if you are still having this issue? If so, can you send me the link to your app here or as a private message?