PHP Agent (php7.4) causes slow response times

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PHP 7.4

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We are using the New Relic PHP agent on a Laravel 7 application running on PHP7.4 on an Ubuntu server. We’re finding that when load testing our application:

  • New Relic Disabled: response times at a steady ~200ms
  • New Relic Enabled: responses times climb quickly to 600 - 1000ms

We tried disabling “transaction_tracer.detail” and it showed little improvement.

As of now, it seems we can no longer run New Relic in Production because the performance hit is far too much. Is there anything we’re missing that might help performance-wise? I’d understand a small performance penalty for monitoring, but 4-5x is too much.

Hello, @dan69! Check out the following post that shows how to improve agent overhead.

Thanks for your reply. We did try all of the above, and while New Relic doesn’t seem to cause issues with low traffic, it still hampered our responses times when our servers were under load

Hi @dan69

Thanks for the update.

Just to check: would this load be related to a long running loop or job?


the load is just a high volume of web / http requests, so there shouldn’t be any long running processes

Hi @dan69

I’d like to investigate this further and to this in a better way, I’m going to create a ticket.

Please check your mail box for the emails related to it.