[PHP] ARM64 server not compatible with New Relic?

hi everyone, we have been told we cant use New Relic with your server because its a ARM64 server. Can anyone confirm if thats correct?

Hi, @enquiries: To which New Relic agent(s) are you referring? Infrastructure? APM? If APM, which programming language(s)?

Hi Phil, were using APM with Magento on PHP 7.4


OK, here are the compatibility and requirements for the PHP agent: PHP agent compatibility and requirements | New Relic Documentation. ARM is not supported.

Any chance of adding it? :slight_smile:

Hi @sbf!

So, we don’t currently offer ARM binaries, but the agent is now available as open source, so it should definitely be possible to compile for ARM. I should note that New Relic does not offer support for that as we don’t officially support ARM binaries.

Link to the agent’s Github page:

I hope this helps!

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