[PHP] Change configuration on AWS Beanstalk

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How can I change the custom config on the AWS beanstalk environment like application name, etc? AWS Elastic Beanstalk installation for PHP | New Relic Documentation

Hi, @revanhernandy5: You may find this example helpful: AWS Elastic beanstalk (PHP) config file for installing and setting up the NewRelic agent · GitHub. It adds the app name to the php.ini file in step 02.

Hi, @philweber it’s not working, the files are installed on php.ini already. But I think it should be on newrelic.ini, right?

Have you tried modifying the config file to add the app name to newrelic.ini?

yes it works when I used dockerfile command but doesn’t work with ebextensions

Hi @philweber it worked using this as a command after installation and define newrelic.ini at the begining.
command: “. /opt/elasticbeanstalk/deployment/env && cat .ebextensions/supervisor/newrelic.ini > /etc/php.d/newrelic.ini”

Hi @revanhernandy5

Thanks for your patience here! I hope you are well.

Just want to loop in and confirm that issue is resolved? It sounds like you have.