[PHP] Cyberpanel + litespeed - not receiving data

Hi there,
I have a problem receiving data from New Relic PHP agent.

I’m using Cyberpanel + Litespeed Enterprise (lsphp) on CentOS 8 for a bigger Woocommerce Wordpress site.

Since the site is big and uses lots of plugins I would like to start to monitor PHP and MySQL with APM.

So I installed the APM PHP agent using this guide

My question: Is there something I have to do additionally? I assume that New Relic and Litespeed is not compatible straight out of the box because of lsphp modification.
But I couldn’t find any updated guide…

Thank you in advance

Really, nobody here any experience with Litespeed web server/lsphp and New Relic?

Hey there @dak4 - thanks for posting in the community. It looks like there has not been a lot of experience using the PHP agent with Litespeed in the community. It’s only come up a few times.

That said - you are correct. We have not tested the agent with Litespeed, so we can’t say for sure how it will behave. It is possible that using custom instrumentation may help you out, and we have a guide for that here:


Let me know if that gets you pointed in the right direction.

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