[PHP] Data Stopped reporting after 5 minutes, everytime NR is installed

Hello everyone,

I am having the following issue where:

The same peak is displayed on the graph after installation is completed and every time, after 5 minutes, the data disappear.

The instance needs to be accessed via a bastion server. Both are hosted on AWS.

Grateful if someone can assist with the above issue.

Thank you

Hi @prakash.ramnath,

What New Relic product are you installing? Is it an APM agent like Java, Python etc or perhaps Infrastructure? Can you provide a permalink to the page where you are seeing this?

Hello Giselle,

Here is the link:

Yes indeed, I am trying to get data through APM(php).

Sorry for the delay here @prakash.ramnath - you mentioned that you are trying to get this running on a Bastion server. I am thinking that there is a compatibility issue at play. Here are the requirements for the PHP agent:


One thing you can do to help troubleshoot this installation is to run our Diagnostic CLI:

This will spot common compatibility and configuration errors that might be causing this behavior. Can you try running the Diagnostic CLI and letting us know if it does not spot the issue for you?