[PHP] Need to find application that posted Relic code on company web site

I am new Web Admin and working for clearing errors on the company web site now. I found New Relic code added on header of some pages. The code includes license key and application id. The pages were created long ago. I trying to understand is it current code or just junk from previous Drupal version. Now, we migrated on Drupal 9 on Acquia platform. Need some conversation with technical support.

Thank you!

Hey @yan_pulavski,

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It looks like you are cleaning up the company website and trying to decide if things you see are necessary to keep or if you can remove them. While I am not positive on what can or cannot be moved in your situation I am looping in an expert in this to help shed some light and assist further. We appreciate your patience with this while we continue to support you.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and we will be happy to help further. I hope you are having a great day!

Hi @yan_pulavski ,

My recommendation would be to use the data you have (license key and application ID) to reverse engineer where the corresponding PHP application may be in New Relic by utilizing the older URL schema that still works with New Relic. This would looks as follows:

You will want to look at the API keys section of your New Relic account to make sure you find where the license key is being used. You will then input that account number into the above URL with the application ID and it will send you to the corresponding application in APM.

Hi Tobby,

I am sorry for delay. Yes, I know about this way. The problem is account number. Our previous Web Manager leave the company. I talked with account owner (on Acquia) and she has not this information too. We even do not know which credentials should we use to login. Set that we using on Acquia or some another for Relic specifically.

Thank you!

Hi @yan_pulavski

It now sounds like you dont have access to the account anymore or that the owner left and the ownership as not yet been updated. Feel free to correct me if my understanding is incorrect.

This is tricky, the best step forward would be to reach out to the company or a user that still has access to the account. Once in contact, you can request access to the said account, and then follow the above guidelines.

Without the right access it will he hard to support! Please do reach out should you need additional support