[PHP] New Relic charts show nothing during large traffic spikes

From time to time our service gets hit with an extremely large traffic spike in a very short time frame (30 seconds - 1 minute). We can see 2M-5M requests or more in this short time frame – this is mostly due to bots hitting our service for limited release sneaker drops.

For whatever reason, new relic shows a flat chart during these time frames, almost as if the server was offline, even though it was not.

Here is a screenshot from cloudflare during the same time period. Cloudflare shows 3.11M requests received 200OK, and under 200K requests received 522 errors or 499 errors.

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 7.58.19 AM

Any insight as to why the new relic charts appear like this? Could it be something on Cloudflare’s end blocking new relic requests, or something else?