[PHP] Potential UTF-8 issue with New Relic PHP agent?

Hi there.

I recently installed the php agent on my centos 7 webserver.
All went fine but after I started editing some wordpress sites I have hosted on this machine, I noticed an odd behaviour starting with “Menu Labels” where they wouldn’t support “å” “ä” “ö” characters.

This resulted in having to uninstall the agent and reinstall php.

I originally thought this was an issue related to Wordpress so I opened a topic there.
It contains detailed information: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/menu-not-supporting-utf-8

Hello @andreas11,

Sorry to hear that the agent might be causing some issues with certain characters. I am not seeing any previous reports of this, but we would definitely want to investigate if we can confirm that the agent is involved.

In reviewing the thread, it sounded like the issue with characters being modified continued after uninstalling the PHP agent.

Can you confirm that the issue went away after uninstalling the PHP agent and restarting the web server, or does the issue continue even without the agent enabled?

Since you likely have many apps on a single host with different versions of PHP, we can confirm that the agent is disabled by reviewing the PHPInfo of one of the web sites on the server that experiences this issue:

Thank you!