[PHP] Strange behaviour after New Relic PHP SDK update on Kubernetes

I’ve been witnessing strange behavior on one of our kubernetes clusters after a recent upgrade. The upgrade was on the New Relic client for PHP from version to to a drop in APM data when PHP was upgraded to version 8.1.5 .

Today, we had to disable the NR APM agent on the affected nodes. This has allowed us to resume service but we still understand little about what has happened and why.

I should not that the standard New Relic logging solution is working for us and does not appear to be causing any issues. It just looks to be isolated to the APM agents for PHP on Kubernetes.

Are you aware of any on going problems with the PHP version and New Relic version mentioned above?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Can you provide a link to where you are seeing this drop ?

Can you provide context on what the issue you are facing is, what are do wish to achieve and what is the the blockage noted. Unfortunately I am unable to ascertain the issue from “due to a drop in APM data”, any extra context would be helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.