[PHP] WordPress Monitoring

Is anyone skilled enough to see the data from Relic’s APM to understand and make sense of the data coming from WordPress and its plugins, etc, to know what to do to the application to enhance it? Looking for anyone who can do this or a referral.

Hey there @rob32 - it sounds like you are looking for a consultant to help you interpret your New Relic data and make some application enhancements. Is that right?

Hello @hross that’s correct! Someone who knows how to read the data and someone knows how to provide recommendations to our development team specifically on WP platforms. Are you able to assist?

Hi @rob32 - happy to help here! I’m a Partner Development Manager here at New Relic, and if I can get more information from you I can suggest a certified partner to assist. Do you mind sending me a quick email here: tblanton@newrelic.com


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Hi @rob32 - checking back in, @bthomason and I would like to connect to further support you on this! When is a good time to connect? tblanton@newrelic.com

I emailed, did you get it? please try me rob@ditcanada.com

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