Ping Monitor - Validation String RegEx

When setting up a Ping Monitor is it possible to use a regular expression in the validation string?

We have an endpoint that can contain a number of lines like the following to indicate if we’ve fallen back to a fallback method in the case of an error, and want to alert when this condition occurs:

counter.fallback.tvos.home.v1.enabled: 0
counter.fallback.atv.home.v1.enabled: 0

Ideally, we’d be able to create one monitor and the validation string could be something like this:

counter.fallback…*.enabled: 1

@stephen.r.lawson - Unfortunately a Synthetics Ping check is only capable of doing a simple string match. If you’d prefer to do this with a regex, this is entirely possible with a Scripted Browser or Scripted API test, just not with the Ping monitor.