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Ping URL not working with TLS 1.2?



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Last Wednesday, we enforce TLS1.2 on all our SSL endpoints, since then, New Relic can’t reach our ping url, we get this error: “connection error (Received fatal alert: protocol_version)”

Any idea on how to fix this?



Hi there @analogue

Our Legacy pingers were built on Java 7 and therefore don’t support TLS 1.2.

The recommended workaround for this is to use our Synthetics product, which offers free Ping monitors. Synthetics Ping monitors offer similar functionality, along with more controls over the frequency and the location from which we test, and it does not use Java 7. You can learn more about Synthetics at, and there’s also some great educational material available at

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.


If I can’t fix those ping urls, is there a way to disable those?



There is a “Change Ping URL” button toward the top of the view in the link you provided. You can clear out the field that has the URL.

I want to echo the comments from @daffinito about considering Synthetics. The Availability is a legacy feature with many limitations where Synthetics is designed to provide better information on whether your app is accessible to your users.


We can’t clear out the URL field, see:


I have the same problem as @analogue

If you are deprecating the Availability Monitoring part of APM then this should be made clear - and we need a way to turn it off.

I use synthetics monitors too, but there is no way to logically link a Synthetic monitor to a corresponding APM app as far as I can tell. This seems odd and make Synthetics not a full replacement for this feature?


@analogue @chris_dev You will also need to disable the Availability Monitoring view the application’s legacy Alert policy:

  1. In the APM application, click Alerts > Edit Alert Policy
  2. Click title of Alert Policy where downtime alerts are set to ON.
  3. Uncheck “Alert when any ping URL is unresponsive for X minutes”

Once this is done, the URL can be saved as blank.

@chris_dev We are not planning to deprecate Availability Monitoring at this point. However, with the legacy alerting EOL, notifications based on Availability Monitoring results will stop.

You’re correct that there is no way to tie a Synthetics monitor entity to an APM application entity. However, APM transactions generated by Synthetics traffic are prioritized for trace collection and do establish linking on an individual transaction level, further detailed here.

That said, I think being able to establish a connection between APM app and Synthetics monitor is a great feature idea that is often asked for. I will pass this on to our Product Management team for their review.


When I click “Alerts” in the settings of an application, it leads to a 404, e.g.


Hi @analogue,

You should be able to disable Legacy Availability Monitoring using this URL:{ACCOUNT#}/application_alert_policies

Just replace {ACCOUNT#} with your Account ID. From there, you’ll just need to uncheck the box “Alert when any ping URL is unresponsive for X minutes”


Still can’t:

And when I follow the link, it asks me to upgrade.



Gotcha. My mistake. At this point, it might be best for me to just disable the Legacy Availability Monitoring for you. Let me know if that would work for you.


Yes please, can you do it for all our apps?




Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi, I’m trying to follow the instructions to turn off the “availability” monitor in one of my APMs, but I have a bunch of policies and am having trouble finding this elusive checkbox to turn off the alert “when any ping URL is unresponsive”.

Lower down this thread, NR support disabled the Legacy Availability Monitoring for an entire account. May I have that done to my account please?



Me too have a problem with this availability monitoring - but, I am wondering if this would be fixed ever soon (support for TLS 1.2 added), because data from APM, including availability monitoring data, is used in weekly email, sent by New Relic. It was good source of overview information for “bird” view over the app, but now, when New Relic does not support newest cryptography, it becomes extremely misleading, which disappoints :frowning:


Since TLS 1.2 is not supported I assume 1.1 isn’t supported either?