Please Delete my New Relic Account. Thanks

Please delete my account. Thanks

Hi @anon1728374 :wave:! Welcome to our Explorers Hub! I see you would like to delete your account - I am happy to assist. If you are on the New Relic One model you can delete your Account by following the steps laid out in this post: How to Delete your Organization. Please let me know if you run into trouble!

Please delete my account. Why am I seeing all these requests on the discussion board? Not very user friendly to have to ask this on a forum…

Please delete my new relic account (Account 2814496 - 2814496). This was created by mistake. I already have another account that i use within my company. This was causing me trouble since it was tied to my company’s email address for me.

I changed my email address on that account I want to remove, but I just don’t want it at all. Please help.

Hi @ajdouglas1 :wave:! Thanks for the information, allow me to open a ticket on your behalf. One of our support agents will reach out to you soon via email to action this for you.

Hi @kc1 :wave:! Allow me to open a ticket on your behalf. One of our Support Agents will be in touch via email to assist with this request.