Please delete my New Relic account

Hello, I no longer need my New Relic account and I would like to remove it, but I am not sure how. Please assist. Thanks.

@chrisr3 Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I have put in a request to our account team to help you with this. They’ll be in contact soon.

Thank you very much.

Hello @JoiConverse how do i cancel my new relic account? I just created it today and forgot i already had one. I’d like to delete this new one asap. thank you very much

@corrado1 I responded to your DM. :slight_smile:

Thank you Joi for your help.

this is very frustrating, 6 emails to cancel an account?

Someone from the team got in touch and illustrate a process that does not reflect.

or maybe she meant that this feature to cancel an account does not exist yet.

Is this even possible?

I don’t want my creditcard inside an account i am not using, this is a security matter for me.

[Redacted New Relic]

PLEASE HELP @JoiConverse

Thank You

@corrado1 There was a feature released that would allow you to delete your account. However there are some requirements that must be met like if you have multiple users on your account you would have to delete those first. I know that our support team are willing to work out the details with you and wouldn’t intentionally lead you in the wrong direction. :slight_smile:

More information was shared in this Level Up that you might find helpful: