Plugins, EOL, and what to do

We have some form of NR monitoring installed on a number of Windows Server and MS SQL Server instances. Unfortunately the people who installed the software have left, and I’m left with the task to find out if the upcoming EOL for plugins will impact our monitoring.

The first problem I’m facing is to understand whether any component is regarded as a “plugin”. There’s a suggestion to consult specific menus on the ONE webpage, and I find that there is nothing which by name would suggest it is a “plugin”.

But on the Windows servers with a SQL Server instance, I can find logging for the NR_SQL_Plugin_v0.5 service. However, not even Google can find any reference to this anywhere on the web. So is this “plugin” indeed a “plugin”, or not?

Logged on to the New Relic ONE webpage, I can see that among the HOSTS we have several Windows Server instances listed, but apparently they have an “Agent Version”, which again begs the question “Is this a plugin?”

So, assuming these are indeed plugins that need to be replaced with the new Infrastructure Integration software, will this integrate seamlessly with our existing notification setup, or do we have to reconfigure everything?

Hi Asimons,
This post should help answer your questions: